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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

A Patient’s Perspective – April 2005 (ADD/ADHD) Welcome to my latest newsletter which looks at Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD). As there is an increasing tendency for drugs to be prescribed to our children and lately adults for the treatment of this condition I felt that it is timely to provide some information […]

Visual Disturbances

A Patient’s Perspective – August 2004 (Visual Disturbances) For this newsletter I have chosen visual disturbances as the subject. I have found that it is extremely common for people to report improvements in vision immediately following a chiropractic adjustment, and there have also been some remarkable recoveries of loss of vision. I personally had visual […]

Parkinson’s disease

A Patient’s Perspective – March 2004 (Parkinson’s disease) I continue to be amazed at what I read in the research. The cervical spine, in particular the upper cervical spine is mentioned in most of the research (chiropractic and medical) I have located.  It is such a vital area which is the main communication pathway between […]


A Patient’s Perspective – February 2004 (FMS) I have had some great feedback regarding my website and newsletters and continue to get emails from people all over the world. It seems there are a lot of sufferers out there who have tried everything but haven’t yet experienced upper cervical chiropractic. Many patients have had great […]

Cervicogenic Hearing Loss

A Patient’s Perspective – April 2004 (Cervicogenic Hearing Loss[1]) “Findings in 62 patients suffering from vertebragenic hearing disorders are reported before and after chiropractic management. Results indicate that hearing disorders are reversible… the therapy of choice is chiropractic manipulation of the upper cervical spine.” M. Hülse, Professor of ENT, Heidelberg University. This paper by Hülse […]

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