Visual Disturbances

A Patient’s Perspective – August 2004 (Visual Disturbances)

For this newsletter I have chosen visual disturbances as the subject. I have found that it is extremely common for people to report improvements in vision immediately following a chiropractic adjustment, and there have also been some remarkable recoveries of loss of vision. I personally had visual disturbances which recovered following chiropractic intervention and even today if I have an upper cervical adjustment I can discern even the smallest improvements in visual acuity.

Some of the research papers I refer to in this newsletter are not specifically related to chiropractic; however what you will see again is the common thread of ‘cervical’ involvement in visual dysfunction.

The theories put forward by the various authors include irritation of the cervical sympathetic chain in the neck, incorrect proprioceptive feedback to the brain, irritation of the nerves affecting the vertebral and carotid arteries resulting in a reduced blood flow to the brain, referred to as hypoperfusion. One thing is certain, when you head is not on straight, interference could result to the various structures neurological and vasculature in the neck which could have the affect of diminishing visual functions.

Researcher Dr. Allan Terrett[1] has observed in reference to chiropractic that “Many of the anecdotal claims that at first appear fanciful are being validated.”[2] The claims are no longer just anecdotal and certainly in my view have never been fanciful. These claims and positive results are appearing in chiropractic offices daily, in well constructed case studies and in scientific studies. The powerful healing powers of a well delivered upper cervical adjustment can no longer be ignored and can no longer remain hidden from us patients.

I hope you enjoy my newsletters and as always feel free to provide me with any feedback and suggestions to Remember I am a patient and not a medical practitioner; however I am entitled to my own opinion. People are free to disagree with me. My newsletters are provided as an informational source only, and are not a medical opinion. Therefore you should do further research for yourself and make your own decisions. Continue reading

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