Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)

A Patient’s Perspective – February 2004 (FMS)

I have had some great feedback regarding my website and newsletters and continue to get emails from people all over the world. It seems there are a lot of sufferers out there who have tried everything but haven’t yet experienced upper cervical chiropractic.

Many patients have had great responses from their first experience with upper cervical chiropractic; therefore I would encourage them and their chiropractors to consider placing their testimonials on my site via this link, via the link on my home page or under the menu listing ‘contact us’.  The more people who have benefited from upper cervical chiropractic who provide their stories the sooner it will be realized just how powerful this approach is. Other people around the world must be told about this now!

The biggest issue for patients appears to be finding an upper cervical practitioner within a close proximity. I know that in Australia, we have only a handful of practising specialist upper cervical chiropractors. It would be nice some day to have all chiropractors trained in precision upper cervical. Patients will be the beneficiaries.

In this issue I have provided some research information on the condition known as fibromyalgia. It would seem that it is becoming quite common for people, especially women to be diagnosed with this condition.

I hope you enjoy my newsletters and as always feel free to provide me with any feedback and suggestions to They will evolve with time and with your input. I did get some feedback on my last newsletter that some of it was quite technical. Sorry, I’ve been researching this for so long that I have tended to use medical terminology, because when searching the internet and other resources it is necessary to be familiar with such terminology. I will try to and tone it down a little for the patients reading my newsletters whilst still keeping it at a level practitioners would be comfortable with.

Remember I am a patient and not a medical practitioner. My newsletters are provided as an informational source only, and are not a medical opinion. Therefore you should do further research for yourself. Continue reading

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