Cervicogenic Hearing Loss

A Patient’s Perspective – April 2004 (Cervicogenic Hearing Loss[1])

“Findings in 62 patients suffering from vertebragenic hearing disorders are reported before and after chiropractic management. Results indicate that hearing disorders are reversible… the therapy of choice is chiropractic manipulation of the upper cervical spine.” M. Hülse, Professor of ENT, Heidelberg University.

This paper by Hülse cannot be underestimated for its importance to chiropractic. Early in my research I came across it but I only had the abstract. I purchased the paper, which was in German. It’s taken me some time to receive the translation into English and following is my summation of the paper. When you put the results of this study and a multitude of others together with the Harvey Lillard adjustment of 1895 (see Green Books this newsletter), you will soon come to appreciate that despite some medical opinions to the contrary, dysfunction of the upper cervical spine may well be one cause of an abundance of hearing disorders like tinnitus, vertigo, otalgia (ear pain), fullness, deafness, otitis media and Meniere’s disease. To dismiss the link just because it is difficult to find an anatomical link is poor investigative research. The evidence is there in one form or another. You just have to open your mind, and investigate it for yourself and you don’t have to be a medical professional to read and understand medical papers. You’ll probably need help with the medical terms used, but over time you can gain that knowledge also.

If upper cervical chiropractic, as mounting evidence would suggest, has a positive impact for people suffering from these conditions, then research funds should be directed towards implementing well constructed studies using upper cervical chiropractic as a treatment. Continue reading

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